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Si Satchanalai Historical Park Attractions (17)

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    Si Satchanalai Historical Park

    Si Satchanalai Historical Park is located in Moo 6, Tambon Si Satchanalai, Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai Province at present. The downtown is situated on a plain by Yom River. There are three mountain ranges surrounding as a natural fortress, e.g. Khao Phra Si, Khao Phra Bat, and Khao Yai. An urban plan was placed as an intermittent rectangle layout with Yom River in the eastside. The inner rampart was constructed of laterite and the outer was retaining wall (moat and mound). Because the topography was proper to settle down, there are both river plain and mountain slope cause abundant in area and natural fortress for preventing an enemy. According to the archaeological excavation evidence at Wat Chom Chuan demonstrated this area has had human settlement since prehistoric age around 9th century Buddha. Then it has been continuously inhabited and also developed to the contemporary community as Dvaravati around the 11th and 16th century Buddha. In the 18th century Buddha, the evidence appeared at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Chaliang as in that period, Si Satchanalai City is named Chaliang City as appeared in the inscription. The myth and the chronicle which affirmed the both ancient city as Sukhothai and Chaliang situated at Yom River Basin for a long time before moving the city center to the north side of Chaliang which far away about 1.5 kilometers, the city is called Si Satchanalai. Si Satchanalai and Sukhothai were important simultaneously as Mueang Luk Luang (vassal state). The importance of Si Satchanalai was continued until the war between King Borom Trai Lokka nat of Ayutthaya and King Tilokarat of Larn Na. Finally, Si Satchanalai is under the authority of Ayutthaya. In Ayutthaya period, the city was called Sawankalok while Larn Na called Chaing Chaun. When an occasion which Ayutthaya came under the Burmese siege for the second time, Si Satchanalai was completely abandoned for a long time until the reign of Phra Phutthayotfa Chulalok (King Rama I) of Rattanakosin that he pleased to move the villager family from Si Satchanalai to Tambon Wang Mai Khon which is Amphoe Sawankhalok at present.

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    Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Vora Maha Vihara

    Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Vora Maha Vihara is located in the southeast outside Si Satchanalai’s rampart and facing to the east. It is believed that the temple is the center of Chaliang Town since the period of King Khun Sri Now Num Thom (around 1780 B.E.). According to the entrance arch evidence which is a design of Bayon art and the evidence from an archaeological excavation which confirmed that the temple was in the 18th century Buddha. Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat is a large historical site group and also a royal monastery at present. The important historical sites of the temple include a principle Prang that constructed of laterite with plaster which is architectural style of Ayutthaya. In the front area of Ruanthat has a stairway to the hall. At the inner wall of Prang found the trail of faded mural painting. In front of Prang has a viharn which enshrined a large Subduing Mara Buddhha inside. Next from the Subduing Mara Buddha to the right, it has a beautiful Pang Leela Buddha Stucco. The temple rampart is rectangle- shaped, 50 meters wide, 90 meters length. Above the arch door was created as a roof top and above the arch is Bodhisattva face plaster. The Mon style stupa called Phra That Mutao is situated at the back side of Principle Prang outside of defensive wall. An excavation in 2535 B.E. found Jango gold which decorated on the top of stupa. Mondop Pha Attarot, originally called Mondop Pha si Ariyabot is in the back side of Phra That Mutao. Then, it has been reconstructed until the present day and the inside of arch appeared only a Standing Buddha Stucco with the mondop with earthenware tile. Viharn Pha Song Pee Nong is situated in the left of Mondop Pha Attarot. According to an archaeological excavation found the viharn base overlapped an origin building that constructed of brick of the ordination hall. It is located in the front of the viharn. At present, Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat has reconstructed all its structure by reconstruction overlapped an origin ordination hall. Kuti Phra Ruang – Phra Lue also called Sarn Phra Ruang-Phra Lue by villagers. It is a Mondop with square-based, the roof looks like the inverting bowl that overlapped in 4 layers and enshrined a model of Phra Ruang and Phra Lue inside.

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    Wat Chom Chuen

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    Wat Thung Setthi

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    Wat Phaya Dam

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    Wat Nang Phraya

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    Wat Lak Muang

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    Wat Chang Lom

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    Wat Khao Suwan Kiri

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    Wat Suan Kaew Auttayarn Yai

  11. 11

    Wat Chedi Ched Taew

  12. 12

    Wat Suan Kaew Auttayarn Noi

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    The Royal Palace

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    Wat Khao Panom Pleng

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    Wat Ku Dee Rai

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    Center For Study Keaanoi

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    Center for Study

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